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The Village Tourettes sur Loup

The violet that L'Épicurien uses comes from Tourrettes-sur-Loup, the only place in France where it is the main crop.

It is cultivated by Marcel Quentin, one of the three remaining producer families. The production of violets is indeed an endangered profession.

The farm

Violets are very sensitive to weather, rain, wind... Growing them in greenhouses gives more control over irrigation conditions and ensures a peaceful climate for violets. As a result, greenhouse violets grow faster than in the open air. They are grown in rows. They are watered daily, using an appropriate sprinkler irrigation system.

Violet Confit Production

In order to enhance the value of this product which tends to become scarce, use L'Épicurien it in its preparation of Violet Flowers. The fresh flowers are delicately infused in a sweet and aqueous preparation. For more authenticity, we do not add any colouring and leave a few petals in suspension in the preparation.

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