The South Of France !

The south, country of tradition and custom, where the high mountain and lakes dominate all the region.


Different climate (Mediterranean and Continental), landscapes, (Summits plains moors flat land scrublands gorges, lakes and rivers), cultures (way of thinking), all of this make This region an exceptional entity, a paradise for the local producers.


Thanks to landscapes and this climate the local producers were  able to produce a nice selection of products.

On the mountain

The Charcuterie from the south is known for one off the best in France.


On the high mountain, hams, salamis, saucisson, are made and them taste are well known in the world.

Still on the Mountain



Since a long, the chestnuts was the main aliment for the ancient from the mountain.


Even if the chestnut is less cultivate, the chestnut field still here. 


If you have the chance to have a walk, we will see mountain full on the chestnut tree, and you can see how important this element was.

Olives / Olive Oil

It was the Greek first who introduce them knowledge around IX century before Jesus Christ in The Clermontais.



Today the producers from Clermont L herault cultivate around 70 hectares of Olive Orchards.



The plants come from ancient various from the south, like Clermontaise, Verdale, Amellau, Olivière, Ménudel, Lucques, Picholine.


Vineyards, Wines, raisins, are the heart on the south of France (I want to say wines is so important).

These wines prosper and are the glory of this part of France, because well made by our producers, this wine is just incredible.