It all started almost 40 years ago in the back room of a Parisian delicatessen.

Today, his spirit lives on... in the heart of Languedoc-Roussillon.


Inherited from an uncle who was a master jam maker, we have kept this artisanal cooking in a cauldron, the insatiable creation of associations of tastes, the preservation of textures, the flavours of hand-picked ingredients. 


The fruit of the chestnut tree, native to the temperate regions of the northern hemisphere, chestnuts have been eaten since prehistoric times.


They were a very important staple food until the arrival of the potato.


A chestnut is made up of a cream-coloured seed (almond) with a floury texture.


The chestnut is also called the sweet chestnut, and is not to be confused with the horse chestnut, which is toxic.

Plain chestnuts Cream with Chestnut Pieces (330 gr)

  • About this Jam :

    - High amount of fruits, that's why it is very tasty !

    - To go with your afternoon snacks.

    - Perfect with yogurt, fresh cheese and cottage cheese.

    - A delight on crepes or waffles.

  • Producer :

    Discover L'Epicurien here :

  • Recipes :

    Discover Our  Recipe here. 

  • Ingredients :

    Prepared with 43g of fruit per 100g. Chestnut purée 61% (chestnuts 60%, water), cane sugar, candied chestnuts 14% (chestnuts 50%, cane sugar), Bourbon vanilla (crushed Madagascar vanilla beans). Fruits: EU origin