It was the Greeks who first imparted their knowledge of Olive Oil around IX century before Jesus Christ in The Clermontais, in the south of France.


Today the producers from Clermont L 'herault cultivate around 70 hectares of Olive Orchards. The plants come from various forms from the south, like Clermontaise, Verdale, Amellau, Lucques, Picholine.


Here we are  happy to present you a green tapenade, perfect on toast, salades, pizzas.....

Green Tapenade (Green Olives) 90 gr

  • About this Tapenade :

    - Pure Green Tapenade from the South of France.

    - Perfect on Toast or salad.

    - Can be also use on Pizzas and Pastas.

  • Producer :

    Discover l'Olidoc here :

  • Ingredients :

    Green Olives pulp 95% ( water, olives, salt), capres, aromate, anchovy cream, (Salted anchovy, olive oil, vinegar, spices), olive oil. May have stones pieces.