It was the Greeks who first imparted their knowledge of Olive Oil around IX century before Jesus Christ in The Clermontais, in the south of France.


Today the producers from Clermont L 'herault cultivate around 70 hectares of Olive Orchards. The plants come from various forms from the south, like Clermontaise, Verdale, Amellau, Lucques, Picholine.


Discover this olive, comes originally from the Gard region, but is now widespread in the Hérault.

It is picked between Christmas and mid-January. Its strong green olive has a sharp, piquant taste, much sought after by connoisseurs.

Green Picholine Olives 200 gr

  • About this Olives :

    - Soft and Delicate Taste.

    - Perfect on Appetizer.

    - Can be also use on Pizzas and Pastas.

  • Producer :

    Discover L'OLidoc here :

  • Ingredients :

    Green Picholine olive, water, salt, acidifying: Citric acid