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Graveson In Provence

Francis Honoré made "fig hunting" the ambition of a lifetime. Travelling around the world, he has brought back many feet of fig trees which he grows in Graveson in Provence, in the 12ha orchard surrounding his house. At the age of 72 - and 50 years after he started his business - 4,000 trees and 150 varieties of figs are growing in his production.

Fig Varieties

There are 700 varieties of figs throughout the world. Fleshy to large size, small or long, they have a more or less sweet taste, sometimes even almost a candied fruit flavour.

Francis trust the nature by not treating his trees under any circumstances. Thus, they can be eaten with the skin on as soon as they are picked, cooked whole in jams... This is important because it is the skin that contains the most fibre, vitamins and other health benefits.

Fig Confit Production

L'Épicurien offers a wide range of products to enhance this tasty fruit. There are five among the sweet products: Jams from Black Fig (Bourjassotte), from White Fig, Half Grape Half Grapethe Raisiné de Montpellier as well as the Whole Black Fig from Caromb (candied by hand by us every day for a whole week). There are two salty products: the condiment Fig in Balsamic Vinegar and the Spiced Fig Chutney. Finally, one cheese also contains figs: the Fig and Walnut Confit.

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